The Experience Senegal Program© at ACI’s Baobab Center uses the entire country as a classroom.  The program helps newcomers strengthen their language skills and cross-cultural competency and deepen their understanding of Senegal.  Students can sign up online as independent learners  for individual language courses, excursions and cross-cultural orientations or for entire Experience Senegal Programs© through their university or high school study abroad program.

The Baobab Center  offers customized programs – for universities and individuals – including :

Quality language instruction by experienced instructors  in French and Wolof (and other national languages) with an emphasis on speaking and comprehension including lots of individual attention and speaking practice (Read more)

Learning their Rhythms
A unique orientation to Senegalese culture and realities is the hallmark of the Baobab Center's Experience Senegal Program©. A series of structured and unstructured activities developed over years of working with foreigners coming to Senegal allow the learner to gain insights into their own cultural values and those of the host country(Read more)

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Guided research on topics chosen by the learner
 are discussed with the Baobab Center team. Learners benefit from the advice, coaching and the extensive networks of resource people who help them to realize their personal research or learning objectives (Read more)

Homestays with Senegalese families provide students with a unique opportunity for intensive cross cultural learning. Living with a family reveals the daily realities and interactions among people and underlines the similarities that unite us and the differences that make us unique (Read more

working in a kindergarten
Volunteer and service learning opportunities are practical situation that allow the learner to contribute time and effort to the host society while gaining in understanding. It is learning by doing in the finest sense of the term.(Read more)

Excursions to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the country are a much appreciated component of the The Experience Senegal Program©These visits to exotic locations are among the most memorable events in the program (Read more)


Academic courses by university professors, lectures and informal talks with prominent experts and thematic visits (Read more)

Health Course
Health courses that draw on ACI’s cutting edge experience in HIV/AID S and reproductive health (upon request) (Read more)

Dakar Airport
Airport transfers, and orientation sessions on health, security and gender... (Read more)

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