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What is the difference between your Experience Senegal Program© and your Independent Students?

The Experience Senegal Program© is like an umbrella that encompasses the two types of clients we usually have:

  1. University student groups coming from the United States who contract us for a package of language courses (usually Wolof and French), an orientation program, site visits (including language class related visits), a Senegalese family home stay, excursions to learn more about Senegal, and academic courses.
  2. People coming just to learn a language (French, one of the local languages, including mostly Wolof), Arabic, and Portuguese).
and a wide range of other clients who register for more than (2.), and less than (1.).
Because more and more independent clients want to add some elements to their language course in Senegal, we have started designing combinations of (2.) together with some items from (1.). Such combinations allow us to include specific visits or presentations in programs designed for independent clients with very specific needs. For instance, visit hospitals for independent students interested in/or working in health, or schools for people interested in education, etc.
For individuals who want to have the type of program that we provide to Universities, we encourage them to either contact universities offering these study abroad programs to see if they can join or mto ake their arrival coincide with the arrival of a group of students. If the timing does not match,  the Baobab Center can design a tailor made program for such students, but it will be much more costly, because no economies of scale will apply.

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